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All volunteers who wish to undertake an on-field role (this includes, coach, trainer and/or manager) must submit a nomination using the application form below.  

Coaches must be accredited for the age group they have applied to coach. Generally, these accreditations are valid for three years. New coaches will need to complete the online learning modules specific to the age group they wish to coach. Once the online modules are completed, you must then attend a face-to-face workshop (prior to June). League Tag coaches must complete the age-specific eLearning module online and attend a face-to-face workshop.

Managers will also have relevant training online. Trainers will have relevant training online and potentially face-to-face workshops depending on the type. Once the online modules are completed, you may be required to attend a face-to-face workshop.

The club will reimburse any costs to the courses above (should an individual have to retrain or obtain new accreditation). Once nominations are submitted, the executive committee will review the applications. Relevant members will be notified on the coach / trainer / manager for each team and communication regarding your team / games / events will subsequently proceed via your manager. 

For any questions regarding applications, email

Application Form
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